Surf Teams

Our Collective is entrenched in the local community! Surf Academy provides weekly coaching for Los Angeles and Santa Monica Middle and High Schools, including Lincoln, John Adams, SMASH, Paul Revere, Crossroads, Palisades High School, and SAMOHI. We compete! Surf Academy hosts five local contests in Santa Monica during the school year. Our season culminates with an all teams gathering on World Ocean Day--we celebrate our season and our connection to all surfers by one ocean.


This year, 2020/21, we are hosting "Ocean Assessments" prior to the start of surf practices. Every new student, regardless of school or grade level, must take this assessment that includes a short buoy swim, a paddle, two minutes of treading water, shoreline entries/exits, and other ocean safety basics. This assessment is free for perspective team members, and can be counted as the required swim test. It is NOT in lieu of the private surf lessons required if your child has never surfed and wishes to join one of the teams.  

Reservations for any of the scheduled Ocean Assessments are made through mindbody and can be done once your surfer has a profile with us complete with signed waiver and emergency contact information.