We receive so many heartfelt rave reviews. We love them and we love you!

Jess Martinez

My kids love this surf academy! The instructors are amazing young people who the kids adore and learn so much from. It is much more than just a surf school.

Ceylon Harris

I have been going to surf academy for 5 summers. I am a lot better at surfing now, because of Marion Clark. She is an amazing surf coach and a great role model!!!!!!!!!

James Embry

Santa Monica CA

As a parent and surfer living in Santa Monica, Surf Academy is the only surf camp I trust with my child.

Daniel Pritikin

Santa Monica CA

Surf Academy is a wonderful organization that serves our kids wonderfully!

Diana Hobstetter

My daughter participated in the Surf Academy summer camp last year and because of the wonderful experience she had then joined the Lincoln Middle School surf team that Surf Academy facilitates. I’m thrilled she’s been able to participate in such a fun SoCal sport and the kids and instructors have a great camaraderie. Surf Academy has a dedicated staff that instill confidence through competence in the kids while they’re having fun.

Bonnie Lena

Santa Monica CA

I have lived here in Santa Monica for the past 13 years. I am a firm believer that Surf Academy has given this community a fabulous inexpensive Surf / Swim program from its inception. Both my daughter and son have joined the Surf Academy team, first as Beach Kids and then as Surf Academy Surfers. Both my children have received an understanding of the ocean, its benefits, value, safety and our responsibility to maintain our oceans from Surf Academy, their founder Mary, and daughter Marion. I can speak from personal experience that Marion Clark is not just a valued Surf instructor but a mentor to both my children and other Santa Monica youths.

Bebe Lari

Santa Monica CA

I am a 13 year-old Surf Academy raised surfer. I’ve been going to Surf Academy every since i was 5. If it wasn’t for Surf Academy, I would not be the surfer that I am today. There would be no Lincoln Surf Team with the SSS Association. I wouldn’t own as many surf boards as I do. I wouldn’t be a competitor for surfing and I probably wouldn’t be waking up as early as 4:30am to go surfing 3 times a week or more. Marion Clark is like my second mom because of Surf Academy. She is my mentor and a great role model. I am really grateful for her and I want to make sure that other kids like me get the opportunity to try surfing, meet the amazing counselors, and have the chance to be able to surf as much as I do and share the love of the ocean with me.

Neal Kleinman

I can’t think of a better, more dedicated, caring group to teach our kids. i have entrusted my kids to Marion and her staff for years. they have tought my kids to be surfers, beach lovers, and most important, to care about santa monica and its beaches.

Van Lai

My 12 year old niece has been participating in surf camp for her 1st year. This experience has given her the opportunity to learn team work, perseverance, and given her a drive to accomplish her goals. On top of that, the staff at surf camp is create an extremely caring and nurturing environment for the kids. She loves it! 

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